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Haircutting (Includes blow-dry and style)

Haircut (Tuesday – Friday 5.00
Haircut (Staturday) 8.00
Senior Studio Haircut 12.00
Bang or Nape Trim 3.00
Beard Trim/Mustache Trim 3.00

Permanent Waves & Chemical Services (Includes cut & style)

Quantum Permanent Wave (Tuesday thru Friday) 20.00
Quantum Permanent Wave (Saturday) 30.00
Piggyback or Spiral Perm 57.50*
Relaxer (Virgin) 40.00*
Relaxer Retouch 30.00


Clarifying Malibu Treatment & Style 10.00
Marula Oil Treatment & Style 20.00*
Awapuhi Keratin Treatment & Style 15.00*
Scalp Treatment & Style 10.00
Deep Conditioning Treatment & Style 10.00*
Make Up Application 10.00
Eyebrow Arch 6.00
Lip Wax 5.00
Chin Wax 5.00
Brow Tint 15.00
*Extra charge of 5.00 to 20.00 depending on amount of additional product needed for long hair on color services. 
 Long hair is shoulder length or longer.

• Extra charge of 5.00 to 20.00 depending on amount of additional product needed for long hair on color services. Long hair is shoulder-length or longer.

Styles (Includes shampoo & condition)

Basic Roller Set 8.00
Roller Set with Hair Cut 10.00 
Iron Out (Short) 14.00
Iron Out (Long or Natural) 25.00
Special Occasion Hair (Up Do) 27.50
Spiral Curls with Iron 22.50
Braid Removal Each 1.00
Micobraids (On or Off Scalp) Each 2.00
French Braid with Shampoo 12.00
Blow Dry Style 8.00
Blow Dry Style with Iron Curling 12.00
Shampoo Only 4.00

Color (Includes blow-dry style)

Temporary Color Rinses .50
All-Over Permanent Color 35.00*
Retouch Permanent Color 30.00
All Over Hair Lightening & Toner 40.00*
Retouch All Over Hair Lightening & Toner 32.50
Color Filler 7.00*
Highlights or Lowlights 35.00*
Full Highlight & Lowlight 60.00*
Partial Highlight & Lowlight 45.00*
Solid Nape Color or Halo Color 16.50
Top Panel Highlights or Lowlights 22.50
Cap Highlights (Hair 3” or less) 27.50
Men’s Hair Color 16.50
Toner or Color Balance 7.00
Color Correction 45.00*
Foils Each 2.00*
Color Balance 10.00*

Senior Studio Menu

All-Over Permanent Color 40.00*
Retouch Permanent Color 35.00
Advanced Highlighting Techniques 60.00*


Facials______________________________ $30.00
All facials begin with a thorough analysis to determine 
which facial is best suited to your skin needs.
Add on a hydrating sheet mask for $10.00

Advanced Facials___________________ $40.00
An anti-aging treatment to improve texture, firmness, 
and hydration while softening lines and wrinkles.

Banana Peel__________________________$40.00
A blend of 23% multi-fruit acids that leave the skin smooth, 
clear, and even toned.

Lactic Acid Peel________________________$40.00
A combination of lactic acids great for pigmentation, 
dehydration, fine lines, and uneven skin tone.

Glycolic Acid Peel______________________$40.00
This rapid exfoliation helps to minimize fine lines and 
wrinkles while controlling acne breakouts.

Microdermabrasion__________________ _$40.00
A deep exfoliation that helps soften fine lines, wrinkles, 
and hyperpigmentation.

Back Facials_________________________ $30.00

Paraffin Hand Treatment_______________$12.00
• Add AHA exfoliation $8.00
• Add Microdermabrasion $12.00

Paraffin Foot Treatment________________$15.00
• Add AHA exfoliation $8.00
• Add Microdermabrasion $12.00
You must have 1/4 inch of hair growth to wax.

Full Leg______________________________$24.00
Lower Leg____________________________$14.00
Underarm__________________________ _ $12.00
Basic Bikini___________________________$20.00
Brow_______________________________ _$8.00
Sides of Face_________________________  $12.00
Full Arm and Hand_____________________ $20.00
Lower Arm and Hand___________________ $12.00
Back________________________________  $25.00
Chest_______________________________   $25.00
Body Polish___________________________$35.00
These all over exfoliation treatments leave the skin soft, smooth, 
and hydrated. Choose from Salt Glow, Neroli, Dead Sea Salts, or 
Chocolate Scrub.

Paraffin Body Masque___________________$35.00
Thermal therapy to increase circulation, rejuvenate, hydrate, 
and nourish the skin.

Ultimate Body Treatment________________$55.00
An allover exfoliation followed by the Paraffin Masque 

Corrective Treatment Series_____________$150.00
A series of six weekly customized facials that work together to strengthen and improve the skin. Through proper skin analysis, 
we will recommend a series that fits your needs.

Maintenance Package__________________$280.00
A series of nine weekly treatments alternating between three 
facials, three chemical peels, and three microdermabrasions.

Back Facial Package (4 Services)_________ _$90.00


Airbrush Make Up Application______ _______$20.00
Make Up Application_____________________$10.00
Eyelash Application______________________$10.00

Arriving late to your scheduled appointment will limit the time of your treatment. If you arrive more than fifteen minutes late, you may reschedule based on availability.

All services will be provided by supervised students only.
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